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Hendrix Genetics offers employees a world of possibilities. As a global multi-species company the opportunities we offer are truly unique. We define four major career paths within our company. These categories are production, technical services, R&D and office/administrative. We welcome you to explore these career paths and to look at species specific opportunities.

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Production work is diverse and vary greatly by species and location. Opportunities can range from working in a state of the art turkey hatchery in Canada to helping to collect data in a swine breeding research farm in Germany. These roles are ideal for those that enjoy and want to work closely with animals. Following biosecurity policies, ensuring a high standard of animal welfare and dependability are the keys to success in this role. 

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Sales & service

Hendrix Genetics succeeds when our customers are not just satisfied, but thriving. Our technical team services customers around the world to ensure they are benefiting from the full genetic potential of our products. With our species specific experts, veterinarians and nutritionists we help our customers achieve better breeding today for a brighter life tomorrow. 

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Research & Development

Hendrix Genetics offers researchers a unique opportunity. As a leading multi-species company our scientists all work together and share their knowledge and advancements in their specific projects with each other. Our scientists have access to the latest technology and state of the art labs. Innovation is one of our pillars and we are looking to not just create benefits for the issues of the present, but to solve the problems of tomorrow today so we can ensure a brighter future. 

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Our office team is world class and globally based. From our head office in The Netherlands to our French, Canadian, Brazilian locations and beyond, our team ensures the continuing success of Hendrix Genetics. Opportunities include marketing, logistics, finance, sales, administrative and many other specialties. 

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