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Does your dream farm job involve poultry?

Hendrix Genetics is the world leader in poultry, swine and aquaculture breeding. You are a part of a passionate poultry team that meets the Hendrix Genetics standards in layer breeding. We want to exceed our efforts and breed better today, for a brighter life tomorrow. You help by being animal friendly, result driven and responsible in your field of expertise. Be innovative, sustainable and collaborative together with almost 3000 coworkers worldwide. Help meet the growing world protein demand and apply for a poultry farm job near you.

Poultry farm jobs at Hendrix Genetics, what we offer:

At Hendrix Genetics we believe in our people. We offer opportunities, training, education and a safe and stable environment. Working together with people, passionate about layer breeding, means being in a respectful and resourceful team. Show us your expertise and help us exceed expectations in layer breeding throughout the world.

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Hendrix Genetics is an international company and has operations in several countries. We are a multispecies company that is dedicated to meet the protein needs of the world. In the Indonesian market, more than 50% of the eggs are from our layers.