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Does your animal research dream job involve turkeys?

Hendrix Genetics is the world leader in turkey breeding. You will be part of a world class team and collaborate with industry experts. Our aim is Better Breeding Today for a Brighter Life Tomorrow. You contribute by being innovative, sustainable and collaborative. Help meet the growing world protein demand and apply for an animal research job in our turkey breeding team.

Poultry science careers at Hendrix Genetics specified to turkey breeding

At Hendrix Genetics we believe in our people. We offer extensive growth opportunities, cross training, education and an environment where you can excel. Working together with people, passionate about breeding, means motivating, inspiring and developing each other in a respectful, results driven and resourceful way. Being part of Hendrix Genetics will give you access to a multi-species R&D team with experts in poultry, swine and aqua. Help us exceed expectations.

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Geneticist, The Netherlands

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As a young researcher in biotechnology, Hendrix Genetics has greatly enhanced my career. Not only do I get to work with the top researchers in their field, but I’m also supported in my development as a geneticist

Dr. Owen Willems
Geneticist, Canada
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As a member of the research and development team, I benefit greatly from working with colleagues around the world and with world class institutions that we have partnerships with. Our innovative approach makes sure we help feed the world, be sustainable and breed for a brighter life

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Dr. Ben Wood
Geneticist, Canada

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If you thrive when working with animals and you want to be part of an innovative team that collaborates to build a more sustainable world, join us to achieve this and more. Don’t see a job that fits with what you are looking for at the moment? Send us your CV as we always welcome amazing talent and hard workers.


Hybrid Turkeys is Hendrix Genetics’ genetic brand in turkey breeding. Interested in their brand story?

Hybrid Turkeys