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Frequently Asked Questions

All international vacancies can be found on the 'Job Search' page. You can refine your search based on job function, location or keywords.

Our Job Search page offers filtering capabilities so you can view Hendrix Genetics job vacancies specific to a given country and/or functional area of interest.

We offer internships in a variety of areas around the globe. To find out if Hendrix Genetics has internships in your country of interest, please visit the Job Search page

Yes, we’d love to receive spontaneous applications! Just click the button ‘send a spontaneous application’ on the job search page.

If you have applied for a job at Hendrix Genetics via our Job Search section, you will receive an automated e-mail response confirming receipt of your application. Don’t let this spoil the fun! Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to personally respond to each one every time. If you meet the job profile requirements, you will be contacted directly by one of our recruiters.

More details can be found on “Our recruitment process” page of our Careers website.

We adapt to different situations and adjust recruitment processes to our different functions. For functions in which you directly work with our animals, we prefer a more informal and personal approach.

For the other job functions, there are standard elements to distinguish. We act according to the ‘grandfather’ principle. After your application – if you get selected - expect one interview with a hiring manager, and in most cases a supervisor. When this first round feels like a success on both sides, we plan a second interview before our final choice. We may use a personal profile analysis to assess a candidate’s behavioral style.

First. Thank you so much for your application, we really appreciate it! We would be happy to consider your application again, if an opportunity opens up in the future.

As Hendrix Genetics grows, internal possibilities do too. We are proud of the opportunities we can and will offer. Think e-learning, modern workplaces, seminars and international courses like cross cultural awareness. And opportunities to travel the world, if that’s what your dream of. We think opportunities and listen, internal cross-boarding – switching to another job or field of expertise - is not uncommon at Hendrix Genetics.

Our global animal welfare policy safeguards their welfare while stringent biosecurity measures counter the ever-present threat of disease. Employees working with animals handle them like responsible parents, we only use antibiotics when truly necessary and we are committed to safeguarding the welfare of all animals under our care. Thanks to these efforts our unique generations of species – from trout to turkeys; poultry to pigs – are already a cut above the rest.